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Annoucement on the 3rd Iran International Conference on Structural Engineering

Iran Society of Structural Engineering (ISSE) will host the 3rd Iran International Conference of Structural Engineering with acronym of IRAST. The coferecen will take place from 19 to 20, February, 2017 at Olympic Hotel-Tehran, Iran. Please see below link for the conference brochure and website.

IRAST 2017 Brochure

IRAST 2017 Website

- IAEE Central Office

November 22, 2015

Updates on the 16th World Conference of Earthquake Engineering (16WCEE) in Santiago, Chile.

January 2017, please save this date in your calendar.

- IAEE Central Office

February 13, 2015

Past Conferences

15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering

A World Conference on Earthquake Engineering is held every four years, under the auspices of the International Association for Earthquake Engineering. The 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering in Lisbon is linked to earthquake engineering history since its major earthquake disaster in 1755. The conference is intended to gather researchers, engineers, and specialists who will share the latest results of research and discuss earthquake engineering problems from many perspectives. The topics range from seismology, structural engineering, lifeline systems, seismic risk assessment, to social and economic issues.

This wide range of topics makes this conference valuable for all parties involved in earthquake engineering practice and research. Lisbon is a wonderful city and is very much worth visiting. We look forward to welcoming you.

- Carlos Sousa Oliveira, President of 15th WCEE

For more information download: 15WCEE website

All of the papers in the World Conference on Earthquake Engineering Proceedings from the first WCEE in 1956 to present have been digitized by the National Centre of Earthquake Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur: WCEE papers

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