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IAEE Administration

The IAEE was originally established in 1963 to hold World Conferences on Earthquake Engineering in very four years. Members of the Association are National Organizations of Earthquake Engineering. IAEE strives collectively with other like-minded entities to make the world safer against the seismic threat, and works in collaboration with the UN, international finance organizations and regional or local initiatives to achieve that.

The authority of the Association shall be exercised through:
1. The General Assembly of Delegates;
2. The Executive Committee of the Association;
3. The Officers of the Association; and
4. The Secretary General of the Association.

Officer and Their Duties

Officers of the Association are:
1. President;
2. Executive vice-president;
3. vice-president, if appointed, as provided for in Article 9-19; and
4. Secretary General.


The functions of the President shall be:
1. to preside at meetings of the Executive Committee and at sessions of the General Assembly of Delegates;
2. to act on behalf of the Association in the conduct of affairs of the Association in accordance with policies and procedures approved bythe General Assembly of Delegates; and
3. in collaboration with the Secretary General to respond to matters.


The function of the Executive vice-president shall be to assume the duties of the President in case the President is unavailable.


The function of the vice-president is to provide the liaison between the Executive Committee and the Organizing Committee of the World Conference.


The Secretary General shall be nominated by the National Organization of the country where the Central Office of the Association is located, and shall be confirmed by the Executive Committee. The term of service of the Secretary General shall be at the pleasure of the Executive Committee, subject to reconfirmation at intervals not greater than six years.

The functions of the Secretary General shall be:
1. to administer the Central Office of the Association;
2. to maintain the records of the Association;
3. to print and distribute publications of the Association;
4. to keep in trust the money contributed to the Association and to provide an annual accounting of the Association funds;
5. to receive the report of the nominating committee;
6. to receive the invitation(s) for world conference venue;
7. to arrange for minutes of the session of the General Assembly of Delegates at the world conference to be taken and distributed, including records of business transacted, movers and secondary of all motions, including nominations; and
8. in collaboration with the President to approve the support of the Association of international and regional conferences related to earthquake engineering, when such support is requested.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members shall be selected on the basis of their distinguished service to earthquake engineering.

Nominations of Honorary Members will be brought to Executive Committee by a sub-committee of the Executive Committee, appointed for this purpose by the President. The Executive Committee shall nominate Honorary Members, to be confirmed by the General Assembly of Delegates.

Location and Address of Central Office

IAEE Central Office
Ken chiku-kaikan Bldg., 4th Floor
Minatoku Shiba 5-Chome 26-20 Tokyo 108-0014 Japan
Secretary General: Koichi Kusunoki
Fax.+81-3-5730-2830 (c/o JAEE)

E-mail secretary@iaee.or.jp

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