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CSI/IAEE Masters Series consists of the following three components.

  1. Read the Masters - the monographs written by legendary figures in earthquake engineering and distributed during the World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (WCEE), in which their efforts on the advancement of earthquake engineering research and practice are documented in the most explicit language;
  2. Meet the Masters - the lectures during the WCEE, featured with legendary figures, in which we can learn the details of how they worked in various places and interacted with other people to lead the research and practice of earthquake engineering; and
  3. Greet the Masters - the casual opportunities when students and young researchers converse with legendary figures during the WCEE, and learn their experiences and exchange ideas in a relaxed and friendly manner.
Introduction of Masters Series

- 17WCEE, 2021 @ Sendai, Japan -

Read the Masters:

PDF File PDF File
[Vol. 1]
by Professor Luis Esteva Maraboto
[Vol. 2]
by Professor Peter Fajfar

Meet the Masters:

[September 28, 2021]
by Professor Tsuneo Katayama
[September 28, 2021]
by Professor Jim O Jirsa
[September 30, 2021]
by Professor Theodosios Tassios
[September 30, 2021]
by Professor Luis Esteva Maraboto
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