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Statement by Officers and Directors of IAEE on the Christchurch, New Zealand (February, 22, 2011) and Off-Tohoku, Japan (March 11, 2011) Earthquakes

During the last several weeks the world has witnessed through vivid images provided by the global news media the terrible human loss and material destruction that these two recent earthquakes have caused. The International Association for Earthquake Engineering, representing the global community of earthquake scientists and practitioners in the world, expresses its deep sorrow for the unparalleled scale of loss of lives that New Zealand and Japan have suffered. [more]


National Geophysical Data Center
A worldwide compilation of earthquakes and their magnitudes, losses, and references for information from ancient times to the near present.


United States Geological Survey
Up to the minute reports of worldwide earthquakes, with maps, estimates of affected local area, seismological information, and other data.


Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
Reconnaissance reports from recent earthquakes.


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