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The 18WCEE Venue is Milano, Italy, in June/July 2024.

IAEE is delighted to announce that Milano, Italy, is the venue of Eighteenth World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (18WCEE).  The IAEE's National Delegates voted and has chosen Italy (Milano) in November 2020.

A Message from IAEE President

On behalf of the International Association for Earthquake Engineering (IAEE), I am delighted to announce that IAEE has chosen Italy (Milano) as the venue of the Eighteenth World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (18WCEE). Considering the current pandemic situation, IAEE implemented online voting to select the 18WCEE venue. Five countries joined the bidding and prepared materials to describe their respective schemes and programs. The IAEE’s National Delegates carefully examined the materials and voted in the middle of November.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Italy on its success in bringing 18WCEE to Milano. Their proposed plans and perspectives are very well-prepared and convincing, with various additional features planned to enhance interactions among participants who come from all over the world and have a diversity of expertise and interests. I do not doubt that 18WCEE will be as great a success as the past WCEEs, and I wish all the best of luck on their preparations.

Secondly, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the candidates who were unfortunately not chosen as the next venue. I trust that all of them spent much time and effort to prepare the bidding materials, all of which were very informative. I want those countries to consider hosting future WCEEs.

Lastly, I would like to touch upon the postponed 17WCEE, now scheduled for September 2021 at Sendai, Japan. I know that the 17WCEE organization maintains its spirit of challenge and works very hard to realize 17WCEE, despite the uncertainty of the global situation. I sincerely wish that all of us can gather and exchange ideas next September.

I hope all of you stay safe and the coming year finds you in good spirits.

Masayoshi Nakashima,

President of IAEE

A Message from Italy

It will be a great pleasure and honour to host the 2024 WCEE, for Italy and more specifically for the entire Italian scientific community active in the extended field of earthquake engineering, including social and geo sciences.

In 1973 the WCEE was hosted in Rome. At that time, earthquake engineering in Italy was still a niche subject in science and technology, before the interest on the matter was reinvigorated by the catastrophic events in Friuli (1976) and in Irpinia (1980). Since then, a long series of devastating earthquakes followed and the Italian research in the field grew steadily.

The 2024 conference will thus be at the same time a celebration, a world forum and an omen for the progressive reduction of earthquake risk worldwide.

Hopefully, it will also be the first WCEE planned in the post-COVID era, thus reflecting innovative ways of participating and communicating, at present only envisaged in their potential essence.

All details of the proposal and our preliminary views on the conference features can be downloaded from https://www.wcee2024.it/download-area/, where a PPT and a text presentation are accompanied by a dedicated video.

The WCEE will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Infrastructures and the Department of Civil Protection and will be organized by the AIM Group International at the Milano Convention Center (MiCo), with the patronage of the Mayor of Milano. Many other supporters are listed at the conference site https://www.wcee2024.it/.

Gian Michele Calvi (*)

Professor at the IUSS Pavia, Italy

(*)  Signing on behalf of the Italian Association of Earthquake Engineering, presided by Franco Braga, and the Italian Seismic Engineering Association, presided by Luca Ferrari at the time of bidding.

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