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Application to "Greet the Masters" Now Open!!

IAEE, in coordination with 17WCEE, will initiate a new program titled the Masters’ Series. Masters, legendary figures in the world of earthquake engineering, will be invited to contribute to three events, Read the Masters, Meet the Masters, and Greet the Masters (Click here for details).

Greet the Masters is a series of invitation-based, small-group receptions targeting young researchers to greet a Master in person. A luncheon or tea-time reception will be held to hear from the Master about his/her visions and tips in research and professional career development through frank and friendly exchange. The lunch and tea-time receptions are free of charge.

The Masters at the 17WCEE are:

Prof. James Jirsa (USA): https://www.iaee.or.jp/pdf/MEETGREETFlyer_Jirsa.pdf
Prof. Tsuneo Katayama (Japan): https://www.iaee.or.jp/pdf/MEETGREETFlyer_Katayama.pdf
Prof. Luis Esteva (Mexico): https://www.iaee.or.jp/pdf/MEETGREETFlyer_Esteva.pdf
Prof. Theo Tassios (Greece): https://www.iaee.or.jp/pdf/MEETGREETFlyer_Tassios.pdf

The Greet the Masters events are tentatively scheduled as follows:

Greet Prof. James Jirsa lunch on Monday, September 14th, 2020
Greet Prof. Tsuneo Katayama tea-time reception on Monday, September 14th, 2020
Greet Prof. Luis Esteva lunch on Wednesday, September 16th, 2020
Greet Prof. Theo Tassios tea-time reception on Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

Young faculty/practitioners and students are encouraged to submit a biographical sketch and short essay to be selected for the invitation. As the seats for each event is limited, IAEE will select the invitees to the events based on the essay describing devotion and view for the future of earthquake engineer.

Please submit the application to the event through the form below no later than *March 31, 2020*:

Location Conference Venue
Eligibility Ages 35 and under as of January 2020
Admission Invitation Only
Fee Free
Contact Masahiro Kurata (IAEE Central Office Staff)

Invitation to awardees of the Grant-in-Aid program to Attend Greet the Masters

To encourage young researchers/practitioners and students particularly from developing countries and regions to participate to 17WCEE and the Masters series, IAEE contributes to the Grant-in-Aid program organized by 17WCEE. All awardees of the Grant-in-Aid program are automatically invited to participate in “Greet the Masters”.

- September 6, 2019

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