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Ready for ”CSI/IAEE Masters Series” in 17WCEE

By Masayoshi Nakashima, President of IAEE

IAEE wishes to announce that we will organize the first series of events for the “Masters Program” during 17WCEE.

First, we are pleased to announce that Computers & Structures, Inc. “CSI” (https://www.csiamerica.com/), headquartered at Walnut Creek, California, USA, has kindly agreed to serve as the exclusive sponsor for this program. To appreciate CSI’s generous sponsorship, the program is now renamed to CSI/IAEE Masters Series.

Second, CSI/IAEE Masters Series consists of the following three components.

  1. Read the Masters - the monographs written by legendary figures in earthquake engineering and distributed during the World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (WCEE), in which their efforts on the advancement of earthquake engineering research and practice are documented in the most explicit language;

  2. Meet the Masters - the lectures during the WCEE, featured with legendary figures, in which we can learn the details of how they worked in various places and interacted with other people to lead the research and practice of earthquake engineering; and

  3. Greet the Masters - the casual opportunities when students and young researchers converse with legendary figures during the WCEE, and learn their experiences and exchange ideas in a relaxed and friendly manner.

Third, printed copies of the following first two monographs authored by our Masters are ready for distribution during 17WCEE at Sendai, Japan. The pdf version of the monographs will be posted in the Archive of CSI/IAEE Masters Series of the IAEE website in few months after 17WCEE. Considering the limited in-person attendances in 17WCEE due to the pandemic, we plan to distribute the printed copies again at 18WCEE, with the detail posted later.

[Vol. 1]
by Professor Luis Esteva Maraboto
[Vol. 2]
by Professor Peter Fajfar

Fourth, the following four Masters have kindly recorded their video lectures. The lectures will be broadcast during 17WCEE (see the 17WCEE program for the dates/times). Those video lectures will be posted in the Archive of CSI/IAEE Masters Series of the IAEE website about a month after 17WCEE.

Fifth, and regretfully, “Greet the Masters” will have to be canceled. Due to the current pandemic, in-person attendances at 17WCEE will be very limited. We have found it hard to develop the atmosphere which can make “Greet the Masters” most enjoyable and rewarding.

Last, we are currently preparing for a webpage entitled: Archive of CSI/IAEE Masters Series on the IAEE website. It will open after the completion of 17WCEE. The CSI/IAEE Masters Series will continue in the future WCEEs, and the Archive will grow with time. We hope that the Archive will provide a forum such that young individuals who work on earthquake engineering and earthquake disaster mitigation can interact electronically with the Masters who had made outstanding contributions to the development and growth of our fields.

- September 15, 2021

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